U.S. Tour 2014 pt 1 Las Vegas

The first leg of USA tour has been awesome! First stop Las Vegas with shows and teaching at the Focus on Street Magic scheduled for that very weekend we arrive. We are picked up by our good friend Jeff McBride who sweeps us off to the Magic and Mystery School - the home of both... Continue Reading →

Learning from a Street Clown

Clowns fascinate me, especially the European clowns that have the type of flair that just seemed to whisk me away to so some magical place. Their makeup was little - if any - but their charm could melt the hardest of hearts and put you in touch with the child deep inside you. Often these... Continue Reading →

Buskers Festivals and Contracts

   (Part 1 of 10 Top Tips) So, you have developed a street show with the purpose of busking, a passport to the world, performing your show where ever you choose. I mean this is the romantic notion that so many young buskers aspire to. The old school buskers of the last century have left... Continue Reading →

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