Stepping into Freedom

The next part of our freedom journey was first making the decision to move out of our dwelling that has been home for the past 7 years and then once the decision was made, it began to feel that events began to dovetail together, confirming that we have made the right decision. The next part was... Continue Reading →

February 2015

Mario's Tales from the Street  The streets always have some great lessons to teach any aspiring or any established acts that care to continue growing. Never mind how good you are, the number one thing that can make your hat fat (or a decent payment)  is your finale. A common mistake that magicians make is that we forget that... Continue Reading →

How to make a show international?

Recently on our trip to the South of France  we were invited to take part in a 3 day outdoor international festival I watched as Mario and other performers who did  not speak French - and had magic shows with a lot of verbal communication as opposed to illusion shows with music and mime -... Continue Reading →

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