What is your passion?

The Magic Wizardry of turning your passion into your business. What is your Passion? Let's get right in by asking you today -what is your passion? By that, I mean what is the one thing that excites you and that you enjoy it above all other things. This is something that you will have a... Continue Reading →

Putting a Street Show Together Part 1

In previous blogs we have looked at creating a character/s, creating material, creating magical routines and now lets look at creating a show! I am going to do this in at least two parts.  This week is a little bit about my own experience in putting a show together and then in my next blog some advice and... Continue Reading →

Setting your aims high!

What Veronica and I have achieved in the last year, never mind the last five years -  takes my breath away!  We have moved back to Cardiff whilst maintaining an International Presence. We sold our humble Motorhome and invested every thing we had into our business. We opened our studios - The Magic Centre -... Continue Reading →

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